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human or AI game

“Masterclass for the Modern Age: A Comprehensive 200-Hour Course Bundle”

  1. Game Development: Transform your gaming passion into a profitable pursuit.
  2. AI & ChatGPT: Prepare to shape the future and stay ahead in the era of automation.
  3. Virtual and Augmented Reality: Acquire the skills to craft immersive, engaging experiences.

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Level 1: Begin your journey with user-friendly Unity and Unreal game development.

Level 2: Elevate your game creation by integrating ChatGPT technology.

Level 3: Refine your skills by creating 15 advanced games and exploring blockchain applications.

Level 4: Master concepts like machine learning, neural networks, and procedural generation.

Level 5: Prepare for job interviews with an extensive Q&A covering Unity and Unreal engines.

Level 6: Explore Godot game development from the ground up, crafting machine-learning projects within Godot.

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human or AI game